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Health and safety


The plant also operates its own medical service, whose specialists organize mandatory and periodic medical examinations, seasonal vaccination against the influenza virus and tick-borne encephalitis, carry out production control using laboratory and instrumental research in the workplace of employees, prevent and prevent infectious and noncommunicable diseases, and Also, diseases associated with harmful and dangerous working conditions, conduct training for employees of the company to provide First aid for emergencies, with skills training on a dummy. The medical staff monitors the sanitary condition of the water supply and the sanitary condition of the dining room, and assesses the quality of the cooked food. Drivers' health checks are carried out daily to assess health before going on the flight.


To provide emergency medical care from the beginning of 2018, a 24-hour medical service will be introduced. It is also planned to open a health center on the territory of a sports and health complex. This will allow not only timely response to possible emergency situations during competitions and sports, but also to carry out a number of measures to prevent them.

After obtaining a license for medical activities, new directions will appear in the organization of work to improve the health of personnel: physio-, dental and other offices equipped with modern equipment. It is planned to attract narrowly specialized medical specialists to monitor dispensary groups drawn up on the basis of medical examinations and further individual decision on the possibility of examining, treating, rehabilitating an employee in a polyclinic and a hospital. All these activities are aimed at preserving and prolonging professional longevity.


Considering the fact that Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company is located in the industrial zone of the city, far from the main transportation hubs, the company provides a transfer of employees to and from work places on comfortable buses. In the transport department, work was done to optimize routes for the delivery of employees to and from work places, in order to provide passengers with seats and cover more areas of the city, new external routes were introduced. Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company is planning to enter two new routes, due to an increase in the number of Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company employees.

Why we are the best


Strict compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and labor protection;


The implementation of the action plan on synergies resulting from the integration and partnership;


Implementation of best practice management efficiency and cost optimization;


Implementation of loss reduction program; Are the largest recycler of oil. The volume of oil refining exceeded by 4.8%.


The increase of production volume of products; Optimization of the investment program and capital costs.

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