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Social Policy

In addition, the management of Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company assisted the general builder of the microdistrict in completing construction of water supply networks. In the near future, near the house, the construction of a kindergarten and a school will begin, stipulated by the town planning plan of Tyumen with a convenient and roomy car park. In addition, on the area of 6.5 hectares 52 employees were rented for employees - an average of 10 acres each.

Any employee of Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company could apply for the construction. The enterprise, despite the difficult economic situation in the country, has undertaken a number of obligations, including surveying the construction site, quality control of construction and other expenses that were made at the expense of the plant. Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company has concluded sublease contracts for land with employees.

Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company cares not only about its employees, but also about the members of their families. Together with the commission for cultural and mass events, the plant regularly holds thematic actions aimed at uniting the team and familiarizing employees of the oil refinery and their families with the public life of the plant. The events are timed to calendar holidays:


An obligatory tradition, to which the refinery invariably follows, is the celebration of Victory Day. This year the factory workers not only participated in the Parade dedicated to the great date, but also opened the procession of organizations. The plant also provides targeted assistance to veterans: on May holidays the delegation of the refinery visits the participants with valuable gifts.

This year, the refinery staff decided to follow the example of the plant: The council of the labor collective organized a fundraising that was spent on grocery baskets for veterans. The desire to participate in the action expressed a large number of employees of Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company.

Within the framework of the celebration on May 9, a number of events for children were also organized. More than 100 children (twice as many participants as in 2015), whose parents work for Geliyneftegaz Petroleum Refining Company, visited the "front" excursion. In addition, an excursion to the places of military glory and for the inmates of orphanage was organized, to which our Company has been helping for several years already.

Why we are the best


Strict compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and labor protection;


The implementation of the action plan on synergies resulting from the integration and partnership;


Implementation of best practice management efficiency and cost optimization;


Implementation of loss reduction program; Are the largest recycler of oil. The volume of oil refining exceeded by 4.8%.


The increase of production volume of products; Optimization of the investment program and capital costs.

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